“SAFAQI” is the collection of woolen products made up of 100% Lambs Wool, 100% Acrylic Wool and Faux Furs in various colors.
Product range includes Faux Fur collars, beanie caps with fur, skull caps, muffler/scarves with fur endings, neck warmers.
The most noticeable product is Detachable Faux Fur Collar which can be combined with scarves/mufflers to work as a ‘Neck Warmer’.
This is another original product by ‘FromTheOriginals’.

SHOERELLA are the uniquely designed waterproof rain/snow over shoe covers. They are designed for every type of shoes like sneakers, formal shoes, sports shoes, trekking boots, rider boots etc. Also, they are designed according to the various shoe sizes (UK measure) and gender (separate for male and female).